Sunday, 17 March 2013

Canada, Moving down a peg, A country gone to the dogs!

so here it goes my rant into the fuck up way of things here in Canada, we have now dropped for #1 to about #40 something on the most developed countries list, like what the fuck happened here, Canada used to be a place of great warmth a
logging industry and fishing industry that wont quit, a place where we would look down on other countries because of how great we had it, but at the same time still be helpful and peaceful with the rest of the world. Now at this point in time the hatred and dis pair i have for the people that run this country, mainly Harper but ya damn well know it ain't one man who has caused all this. we are left to wonder what is the plan the main agenda here, even the USA has dropped a huge amount in the standings, are they "the government" trying to destroy these countries for some huge big reason that one day we will find out. whatever you want to think, believe or ignorantly consume into your mind, I'm sure the real answer is 100 times worse. it seems that recently as last year, the big downfall started, private companies being aloud to exploit national parks and forests for there own gain, the rivers and sacred areas have gone from protected to free range, the land that we have saved as a nation to have forever has now turned to shit. our kids may never see the untouched beauty of The rocky mountains or the pristine calmness of our magnificent lakes and streams. So with the economy being shit and Alberta's Oil boom on the soon to be brink of extinction, were already on a huge decline as far as the fishing industry, and lumber, what the fuck is going to be left for anybody in about 10 years , it just sends shivers down my spine thinking about the way of things soon to come. Now with the states on the go with Marijuana and hemp we will take the back seat to that and the US with thrive off of this industry, but yet here in Canada the laws keep going backwards and seems that marijuana is becoming more and more illegal, the gall of them bastards, is our government so much worse or what the fuck is really going on, How did the Cat get so Fat?