Saturday, 24 November 2012

AlcohoL: Embedded into our DNA, A life long struggle with no end

Alcohol "Booze", "the devils nectar", "firewater", whatever name ya want to give it, makes no difference at all, either way its all alcohol. whether its made out in the bush with barrels, inside your basement in a large glass jug or at a distillery, its all the same shit, a horrid liquid that comes in different forms of colour, thickness, taste and smell. that takes all inhibitions from you, all moral and good thinking, takes away motor skills and most normal bodily functions that we need just to survive this fucked up world. Sure alcohol is embedded into our history and our lives and has shaped the world for as long as i can remember, every person when they hit a certain age is predisposed to coming into the world which is alcohol being surrounded by friends even family, from birth or whenever. Peer pressure and curiosity get you as a young kid, then from there you ascend down into the path of alcohol, almost every single person will come into contact with alcohol as a kid in some form or another and from that very moment will shape there lives whether they choose to go full fledged into the fork in the road where alcohol takes you in his direction and leads you down that road until you are strong or capable of changing your path for the better of your life and the people who love you. Sure alcohol is great in moderation the only reason I'm going full into this is because at a certain point in my life alcohol does things to me that i have no control over after enough alcohol is sloshed into my system my brain shuts off, and it has been happening on the regular the past few years, one drink too many or whatever it is but i wake up the next day, sometimes in weird, far away places different rooms, beds, even cities then where i started the consumption, every time with also the dreaded hangovers as well. Hard liquor being the main cause, How many times have you woken up not knowing where your at, who your with, or what you did? How can this be good for our society if it has the ability to destroy our main brain function that controls our daily outcomes that keep us from doing fucked up things. I feel now as if Alcohol will now and forever be available and accessible to humans, because like a said it is embedded, etched, coded into our existence even into religions and cultures, it made history in the world and and changed us forever, on in everyday basis alcohol still effects our existence on this planet, and i don't think in any way for the better. i will say some points in our lives we do need to let go, let loose and drift out of this world at large either by drugs or alcohol and transcend deeper into our own minds. but at this point in time this generation i cannot presume what will occur in there direction toward alcohol i have seen through my years younger and younger kids growing up using or actually being allowed by parents to consume alcohol on a regular basis, i will not say much about the parents because i could never comprehend the ownership of a child and his whole life up to about 15 years old, and trying to make the right decisions for them, when you know damn well they are going to do whatever they please and all you could do as a parent is teach from past experiences. Maybe some parents think that allowing there child at a younger age to drink will discourage them eventually being that they will experience the lows and bad times for themselves and the toll it takes on your body. But whatever the reason we all drink and some allot more then others, there is no going back now at this point in time alcohol is in our DNA now and there is no escape. There is no one way or series of ways to keep someone away from this "drug" no matter where you live, how you are ,poor or rich alcohol will always be there and we will always feel as if it takes our problems away and relaxes us, but weed is out there too and it does a hell of allot better for us but yet it is still illegal.. when alcohol kills thousands and thousands of people every year, indirectly or directly. nothing is ever really said about taking it away "again" another prohibition because they know you can never take anything from us humans that we want ,, we will always find a way of getting it. So were stuck with it forever and as for weed weel never know, i sure would like to see the stats when they come out after weed has finally become legal and see the good it has done for human civilisation, when it is fully accessible and openly available i believe it will counter-act the long life we have dealt with alcohol and transform this world for the better into a humane place where life is valued and never wasted. Bottom's up , humanity is being chugged away but the smoke will appear and overcome us all.

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