Thursday, 25 October 2012 lost in space

so here i am back again on a retchid and im sure in some way cancer causing computer to try again and document my many many writings over the years, some which i have lost i should say actually a ton of writings i had many years ago some of my best work. just got erased, deleted, oblithurated from existance because i had stored them on a computer or some type of device for it, they just dont make laptops like they used too.cant even punch the keyboard anymore or the harddrive explodes, and i think im on number 12 er so a few flew at and against the wall one got feild goaled out in the yard and how ever the others stopped working who cares, mighta been me and might not of, anyways the fact is they all gave up on me and took with them my precious Data, down to computer hell with them, so at this point in time i figure the INTERWEB will keep this shit documented for ever as long as i stay connected to this website and also i will be able to share from the mind of me the weird and fucked up world we live in from a different point of view, with whoever stumbles there way into this madness of my blogs. (old article)-i had already lost a few books er so in one of them 62 bit revolutionized machines. lost er all, precious peices of info, adventures, priceless isnt even the fuckin word for it. i will say now i will never trust a computer ever again , im going back to the type writer cause my horrid brain hand coordination sucks and i hate writing, "OLDS WAYS WILL REPLACE NEW IN A WORLD THAT LETS GO OF IT PAST" that is a quote i am proud of, cant believe something like that could come out of my thick deranged skull of mine, i dono if its relevent or true to this but i think by the time someone reads it will be true. "hopes are never really a time compass in life and fears bring us immortally back to the grave" i think that may have been nonsense but anything means somthing!!!long livee us..

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