Saturday, 13 April 2013

Emerald lake lodge staff accom A tale of excess and isolation Part 2 of 3

On to the "Food" that these people try to serve us here, the staff Kitchen a dreary place where your never safe and always scowled at by whomever has been bestowed upon to work the kitchen that day. i have nothing against any of the cooks or people that stepped foot in there to cook a ton of food for the bunch of raving, insane Patients of this facility the Emerald lake lodge insane haha yes indeed every day trying to dish out something to us, trays and trays sitting every so innocently under the sneeze guards waiting to be prowled upon and swallowed up without a single human breath. the cooks some without any care of peoples taste buds or health regime, just slopping out whatever is quickest and easiest, most showing up for breakfast shift every mourning hung over to fuck , a dead soul barely movement making there way into the kitchen stumbling, falling around 5-6am in the mourn and if not my night shift concluded of waking the fuckers up out of a comatose they induced on themselves the night before and every other night for that matter. yes the people were the kind where "NO shits were given" and this place emerald lake is the only place that could contain such a ya after they wake up sometime around 11am then on to dishing out more horrific, trays of flavourless muck i think at this point MSG would of made everything so much better at some expense to our health, but com on its not that hard....better food is fed to actual swine.. so does that make us Rats, retched dirty depraved rats..ya just a giant zoo thats goes off every weekend breaking into orgies of madness and mess of violent charades. we cant be helped , the ones going back home to there real lives eventually, those people may have a chance to make it or maybe us brain matured hippies may make it but not our lifers, hell no they are doomed to spend their miserable soules rotting away. it can be a good life depending how you make it hear a clear head and healthiness you may go far but who knows or wants to try that shit out, fuck that... now on to my job that i do here if you can even call it that, basically a glorified time filler, o its a harsh game drowning the time away, talking to yourself can only make you crazier,, "ive been trying to kill time my whole life, its really gonna be something when time comes for me", but plenty of time left to push my luck, pushing your luck is a harsh game and a hard road to follow you cant just go in and out of it you have to make that stable fuckin decision that your either gonna do this your whole life or not at all, you cant just gain "balls" your either born with em or you spend your whole life trying to grow them fuckers , and no im not talking about testicles im talking about that inner bravery, stupidity maybe? that thing inside people minds that just stops them from thinking and just do.. people say its bravery or whatever ya want to call it deathwish whatever, these people were born with this power and some of us need to work or asses off to gain just a little...anyways on to Boredom. boredom is also a hard game to play around here , you got to keep your mind busy most of all because insanity is just around the corner.. weed is the greatest thing i have found in this life that cures boredom and does it ever, its the perfect recreational drug to help you pass time.. you may be doing the same thing you were doing before you got high but now its funner, thank you dopamine...some people out here at ELL do absolutely nothing to pass time these peop;le are just on the verge, watch out for these fuckers they will destroy us all, then you got the health nerds or the adventurists, some running 2 3 times a day up, down all around any direction. this helps boredom but god dammit people there is no time to run in the mountains , take your time and live its all around you...but the rest of the Drug addicts, all of them smoking there brains straight out of commission, drinking their insides to death, destroying their vital organs, all in the name of fun.."the good time are killing me" indeed isaac you said it best , but do we want no good times is it worth it to live without good times. not for me i say not at all. life is and can be one Great time...the road to good times is a road once you head down you gotta fucking ride that bitch out as long as you can , it gets a Little bumpy and ruff, but it gets better...or does it really?who knows.....all i know is im broke and always am and always without weed and booze, how does this shit work out, i think even with millions of dollars i would find someway to spend it and have nothing left to show, I am No drug "addict" by any means, but i like good times and i learne3d the ins and outs quickly in life so the rest is all good, ah ha Never let it hold you down..Life that is.. Hold that bitch down pull her pigs tales back and take that ride....ya anyway s back to boredom a horrid thing ... but i myself could stand in an empty room with nothing in it and as long as i had some weed i could strive on be content, somehow i would find something to do somehow..But no man after a long amount of time could withstand themselves, you are not your own friend no sir not at all your mind will corrupt you and leave you stranded when it gets the chance, he is not your friend, no amount of drugs or alcohol would help you on that brain leaves me for broke now almost every time i drink, no memories..i have to ask whomever i was with to give me the stories, some of horror, intrigue, violence, insanity and lots of embarrassment. alcohol is the factor and its getting bad , have i lost my fuckin mind is this it, can i still manage to get by, who knows and again who cares. end of part 2

Friday, 12 April 2013

Emerald Lake Lodge Staff Accom, A tale of excess and isolation PART 1 0f 3

Strange times at the Insane asylum summer camp of the Rockies, Aka Emerald lake Staff residence. Where Kids (emphasis on the word kids) from all over Canada, and other countries, mostly Australia.. come out to work and live for a summer, some for as long as a visa will hold and some for the rest of their lives. so i guess this is just a glorified Summer school/camp for most people, and the rest maybe there last option. a beautiful place, where parents send there kids to get rid of the scum for a few months and laze around in filth by themselves in peace. I managed to make it 3 months at the point i am writing this article now. and at the end almost a full year. In that time i have almost Drank and smoked myself into insanity, but all is still well as i have vast experience dealing with punishing my body and brain for a good time.. i do not deal with these regular problems as the rest of the swine who show up here at ELL, leaving there family for the first time or being on there own for the first time fending for themselves, taking control of their own lives. and the rest Going back after this "Vacation" to School, college or jobs.most of them searching for their dream life and by that Dream Job or career, but let me tell you, no it ain't out there an no amount of foolish education is going to get you there it will just cost you thousands of dollars and you will be trapped to pay back every cent for the rest of your miserable live. begin your travel down the road of live and see where your freedom goes. im a free man now no restraints anymore no crutches, nothing holding me back im lucky to figure this out at a young age that the only way to your dream is certainly not the easiest route or even the route people know and understand but at the end of that road you know it'll all be waiting for you....Simplicity....anyways back to the Story of Ell, ive never seen a bigger load of immature hopped up drunk and retarded people/kids in my life, don't get me wrong its fun as hell getting ripped and twisted with these animals and going totally off sometimes into fits of drunken madness, but there is a toll and there is certainly a limit at which the body cannot function properly this point the consumption is showing its effects on ive always felt that my head consists of 2 entities, 1 my brain and the other my true mind inside, 2 different consciousnesses running the show in my head in 2 different outlooks, 1 part telling me not to do something, then i have the other part coming in bitch slapping those thoughts and pushing me in the other direction, and says your fucking doing it!!, it has worked out pretty well so far but "how long can i keep this up ? no human can just keep pushing there self past limits they can barely handle, o well in hell its my shit ill deal with it, back to the kids, if there not fucking each other like wild rabbits, stealing shit from each other, fighting or falling down
drunk, puking on themselves, they are most likely working or sleeping because there is no in between..and some of these people have been doing this years, living in this place and dealing everyday for years, these people are the LIFERS the god damn lifers , the ones who come and never leave, years pass by and still they stay in this isolated, tourist there no other options for them? do they enjoy this life? what is there plan?... who knows and certainly who the fuck cares, fuck em they will realise someday the wasted life they lived, Hardcore but defiantly a little insane.. So ive been starting to notice a different breed of people are attracted to this type of living out in these mountains, we are all kind of on the same wavelength, every person enjoys life to the fullest or as much as they can, every smokes weed, everyone gets drunk, everyone puts life on hold for a minute to live the way the truly wish. Ive seen many a staff member come and go through this place, some a few weeks, some a few days and some not even a few hours, But the perception of this place is so different before you arrive here, When you do actually arrive at staff acomm for the first time you see the run down cabins, the busted up buildings, the garbage all around you say to yourself o man what did i get in to. or the parent you showed up with at this point is trembling with fear.  To me this was Heaven as i was expecting this  high class and snobby fucks running around, everything clean and by the book as it is 1 of the top 10 resorts in the world. but no not this place and relieved i was as i pulled in and started walking up the hill as the smell of weed just tickled my nose, and the people casually sitting around shooting the shit.. i knew i was in a place i would enjoy for a while. especially when i arrived at the staff residence managers cabin where the smell of pot Was just Gulfing out of the door, as i opened it..i said to myself i shall have fun Months pass and im still here baked and a bit drunk from the night before, sitting down in my awsome living room with the most amazing view of The Rocky mountains, i enjoy it but my liver does not nore does my brain i would imagine, the toll is being taken as events in my drunken nights have reached terrible limits these past few weeks. i woke up hours away from residence in the back of my van, hungover to fuck off the delectable Wild Turkey Bourbon, not knowing for a single instance where the fuck i was or even how i came to be here, so after i got my head straight and started heading down the road 15 minutes later i see signs for Banff, so obviously im heading in the wrong direction and make my turn to finally know where abouts i am. Holy fuck how did this come to be my brain has let me down, now come the flashbacks and all i can picture are flying orange pylons, did i hit something, or someone?.no blood on the hood and great for me not allot of people walk the trans Canada in the rockies in the middle of the night... o well lest we forget, this horrible episode, and make a note to cut down on the wild turkey, maybe 1 whole bottle is too much...and after about 5 or 6 more times of waking up in different places and not having 1 clue of what happens that night i knew i had hit a dangerous level of could i continue to go on knowing my brain just shuts off at night on an alcohol binge and leaves me for dead...maybe i though i was the weed but through the years never has this happened to me to this extent.. Alcohol is a horrible drug and one of the worst things for man yet is is the most legal, easily and readily available drug out there. it ll cause zombies of us all there is no chance for us swine to conquer in this pitiful world, there is no limit the only limit is how much alcohol you can fit in your fridge and how good of friends you got... how can i do this for much longer, if i make it from here will i be a raving psychopath on he verge of self destruction, can it be, or let it be..theres no stopping me now ive not yet reached my plateau, most drugs are hard to find out here but i always come prepared, one cannot expect to stay sane in this isolation without good psychedelic, mind expanding drugs...insanity keep us all on our toes, at a moments notice anything could happen.... Stay stoned my friends ...End of part 1
.2 more parts to come

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Canada, Moving down a peg, A country gone to the dogs!

so here it goes my rant into the fuck up way of things here in Canada, we have now dropped for #1 to about #40 something on the most developed countries list, like what the fuck happened here, Canada used to be a place of great warmth a
logging industry and fishing industry that wont quit, a place where we would look down on other countries because of how great we had it, but at the same time still be helpful and peaceful with the rest of the world. Now at this point in time the hatred and dis pair i have for the people that run this country, mainly Harper but ya damn well know it ain't one man who has caused all this. we are left to wonder what is the plan the main agenda here, even the USA has dropped a huge amount in the standings, are they "the government" trying to destroy these countries for some huge big reason that one day we will find out. whatever you want to think, believe or ignorantly consume into your mind, I'm sure the real answer is 100 times worse. it seems that recently as last year, the big downfall started, private companies being aloud to exploit national parks and forests for there own gain, the rivers and sacred areas have gone from protected to free range, the land that we have saved as a nation to have forever has now turned to shit. our kids may never see the untouched beauty of The rocky mountains or the pristine calmness of our magnificent lakes and streams. So with the economy being shit and Alberta's Oil boom on the soon to be brink of extinction, were already on a huge decline as far as the fishing industry, and lumber, what the fuck is going to be left for anybody in about 10 years , it just sends shivers down my spine thinking about the way of things soon to come. Now with the states on the go with Marijuana and hemp we will take the back seat to that and the US with thrive off of this industry, but yet here in Canada the laws keep going backwards and seems that marijuana is becoming more and more illegal, the gall of them bastards, is our government so much worse or what the fuck is really going on, How did the Cat get so Fat?

Monday, 3 December 2012

So you want to move to Fort Mcmurray?

well if you’re reading this, ill make an ass of my self by "assuming" you want to or are undecided about moving all the way out to the rich city of Fort Mcmurray, located in Northern Alberta, Canada. Thank fuck you decided to read this because i am going to give you the down low, the accurate information and details of this place everyone talks of, the place with tons of work, a huge rate of pay and, most of the time, "Easy money", as some would say.
But listen up the town itself is a retched pit of despair, sorrow and overall bad vibes. Remember this is a place where people flock from all over the globe to make it rich by any means necessary. Every type of person wants money and things and lots of em, and this attracts the worst kinds of human scum. Criminals, refugees, illegal immigrants anyone you can imagine are here in this place.
Fort Mcmurray is a melting pot of culture and race, unlike anywhere else. In the span of a 5 minute drive or walk down the main street of downtown fort mcmurray you will encounter every type of skin colour and every type of culture on this planet and most people are overall doing well financially. This is what makes it such a different city then most places because here everyone is on the same plain, everyone has the chance to make it rich.
But back to the city itself, walking down the street in daylight is no issue at all depending where you walk but most likely the worse you will encounter is a crack head or 2 and maybe the odd homeless couple banging in the grass, drunk as fuck. these people for the most part wont hurt or attack you but just overall dealing with them is frustrating especially when you go to take your bottles back to the depot you might as well just give em to the bums to avoid the madness that will occur. Most parts of the upper fort mcmurray area out of town do not have much or any of these fuckers running around so that is your best bet for finding a place,
Stay out of downtown, for living anyways, the apartments are overrun with loads of people, mostly taxi drivers from Africa and Pakistan. and not to be racist or anything but these people load into the rooms 5-6 sometimes 7 living inside 2 bedroom apartments, hollering and dancing to the we hours of the night, bongo's and all destroying the place and everything around it stinking it up with weird smells of fuck knows what kind of food. I’m not saying there all like that but from what i encountered from my 3 years living up there this is my experience.
other then dealing with where your going to live you have to deal with the excessive traffic day in day out sometimes taking 1 to 2 hours to move a few hundred feet, you have to understand this is a town built for probably at the most around 20000 people and here jam packed into this town they have over 50000 i would say.
And every single person has a vehicle either there own or a company vehicle supplied by there company so most people have more then 1 car, and every morning on your way down Highway 63 towards the Death Plants (oil refineries) . there is literally a thousand cars of traffic trying to get through 2 sets of lights, (this is prior to the overpasses that are being built). 2 whole communities of thousands head down the hill towards the lights[.] Another few thousand head in from town and another thousand from the other direction of town, everyone heading to the same 2 lane road to get to 1 of the probably 20 different refineries about an hour‘s drive North of town.
Most people take the Bus to work that is supplied by every oil site, and this is no funner. Most times you[‘re] waking up at around 4am to get ready and then to catch your bus at 5-5:30 to arrive at most sites for 7am, the start of most shifts. Braving the mighty -40 degree weather at 4-5 in the morning is hell it cripples every cell in your body. You cringe up, every muscle contracting, your body haunched up then you set foot on your porch and hear the horrid 'Creak" of the wood just splitting, crunching , knowing in your mind nothing is made to be in these temperatures, definitely not humans, and you set forth down the street and wait and wait for the big ol’ Diversified bus to come rumbling down the road.
but sometimes they don't show up at all an 3 hours of standing on the side of the road isn't good for you at all, so your strut back home and lay in bed sick all day, losing out on hundreds of dollars because your bus broke down or the driver ran it off the road. to take the chance to drive into work is most times the plan but really in the end if your bus cant make it to get you, most likely the roads are rotten ice filled skating rinks anyways, not worth the chance of death down the retched highway 63 (death highway, hell’s road)
Alright then after all that bullshit of transporting to work however you get there or whenever, you unload from the bus and then join the rest of the herd of sheep and scurry one by one through the swipe gates where you take your key card thing and run it through the system and most times you will also get randomly checked by some dumb undereducated person most times that can barely speak English.
after being violated you then head into your lunch trailer and get yourself prepared for the day, by consuming heavy amount of coffee and most times a joint or 2 followed by a stretching session and then a little work, safety talk. Then you start your day of driving around doing nothing or being told by your foreman to hide for the day or make whatever work your doing last as long as humanly possible, "Dog fucking" most people call it, when your stand around all day doing nothing or pretending to do something which was the most likely case.
You first start by filling out a safety card which takes anywhere from 10 minutes to and hour when it should probably be finished in 2 minutes, after that you[‘re] heading to get a permit for where you are working and this usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to and hour as well. You may not experience this in every trade but i myself have been a scaffolder, and electrician and have dealt with this on in everyday basis, and watched most other trades do the same.
[Stay] out of the way so that the big shots that look after the workers for the refinery don't see you sitting around wasting there money, but everyone does it and everyone knows about it. The more skilled of a trade you have it seems the less actual work you have to do. I dont know how many thousands of dollars i made just by sleeping or hiding away inside a pipe rack, and being told to do so by my foreman/supervisor.
If this kind of work is for you then Labourer is the job you want at either spark or fire watch you basically get paid 30 plus in hour to watch a welder's sparks, so they don't catch fire or start a catastrophe. which basically involves sitting on a bucket or some other homemade chair device, most times in a warm heated shelter, sometimes not with a meter in your hand and a radio, simple.
So ya other then spending your days raking in cash by not really doing a whole lot you finish the day off, get back on your bus and head home, which sometimes in the winter when roads are bad might take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours for which you don't get paid and this by far the part i hated the most, especially after a day where i actually worked and was exhausted.
and these buses without the long drives are most times retched horrible transports of people talking as your trying to sleep stinking up the bus with farts, the shaking and moving of parts of the bus as you hit every bump and i mean every one because there is a lot being the road is built over a swampy muskeg,
no sir this is not fun, the moment you fall asleep it becomes OK but when you sleep in and pass your bus stop that's never a good time.
So ya back in town you made it, finally time to go out to the Casino riddled with lowlifes and scums everywhere gambling away there week, or months pay in a matter of hours greeted by terrible crack heads and prostitutes as you enter the door. This shows you the type of people you got to deal with in this town, and if that not your scene you could head to the NV night club, or cowboys it used to be called when i lived there[.] [It’s] a dance club for the horrible men and women of this town, a place where Juiced up roid mongers go to pick fights and test there special tai chi MMA skills, a place where the dirtiest filthiest of whores come to gold dig and hunt down there pray for that night or a place where people try to go have a good time but never end up having it,
yes this place i hated the most it was the pinnacle of rotten, foul human conditions, and behaviours, a place where everything wrong with the new generation, comes to light, in this dark stinky bunker. and if this doesn't seem like fun to you there is always the small pubs where i cannot say anything bad about most because for the most part they are alright other then filled with ol cougars and older crowds most the time, making it hard to pick up chicks your own age but overall a good place to eat and watch a game,play pool, let loose after a long day of work.
the only good memories i have are of pubs, not to say i will every go back to [any] of them because i hope to never be anywhere near Fort mcmurray every again for my own reasons. The Rent is crazy high and no where near worth for the places you live the yards of most houses aren't even big enough to mow, usually the houses there are within 3-5 feet of another house which leaves no privacy ..My advice to anyone out there dont live in town just go there make money and leave, like they say "take My money and run" and that is your best plan, because living there will get you no where further in life then anywhere else in the world.
After you pile up stock amounts of possessions and houses and cars after awhile your working just to pay debt.. Get in Get out Take the money from that horrible town an use it to boost the economies of other cities. fuck Fort Mac it has gone to the dogs, there is no hope for this province, lets sell it to the Asians, and give the money to the rest of canada,
the end of part 1.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

AlcohoL: Embedded into our DNA, A life long struggle with no end

Alcohol "Booze", "the devils nectar", "firewater", whatever name ya want to give it, makes no difference at all, either way its all alcohol. whether its made out in the bush with barrels, inside your basement in a large glass jug or at a distillery, its all the same shit, a horrid liquid that comes in different forms of colour, thickness, taste and smell. that takes all inhibitions from you, all moral and good thinking, takes away motor skills and most normal bodily functions that we need just to survive this fucked up world. Sure alcohol is embedded into our history and our lives and has shaped the world for as long as i can remember, every person when they hit a certain age is predisposed to coming into the world which is alcohol being surrounded by friends even family, from birth or whenever. Peer pressure and curiosity get you as a young kid, then from there you ascend down into the path of alcohol, almost every single person will come into contact with alcohol as a kid in some form or another and from that very moment will shape there lives whether they choose to go full fledged into the fork in the road where alcohol takes you in his direction and leads you down that road until you are strong or capable of changing your path for the better of your life and the people who love you. Sure alcohol is great in moderation the only reason I'm going full into this is because at a certain point in my life alcohol does things to me that i have no control over after enough alcohol is sloshed into my system my brain shuts off, and it has been happening on the regular the past few years, one drink too many or whatever it is but i wake up the next day, sometimes in weird, far away places different rooms, beds, even cities then where i started the consumption, every time with also the dreaded hangovers as well. Hard liquor being the main cause, How many times have you woken up not knowing where your at, who your with, or what you did? How can this be good for our society if it has the ability to destroy our main brain function that controls our daily outcomes that keep us from doing fucked up things. I feel now as if Alcohol will now and forever be available and accessible to humans, because like a said it is embedded, etched, coded into our existence even into religions and cultures, it made history in the world and and changed us forever, on in everyday basis alcohol still effects our existence on this planet, and i don't think in any way for the better. i will say some points in our lives we do need to let go, let loose and drift out of this world at large either by drugs or alcohol and transcend deeper into our own minds. but at this point in time this generation i cannot presume what will occur in there direction toward alcohol i have seen through my years younger and younger kids growing up using or actually being allowed by parents to consume alcohol on a regular basis, i will not say much about the parents because i could never comprehend the ownership of a child and his whole life up to about 15 years old, and trying to make the right decisions for them, when you know damn well they are going to do whatever they please and all you could do as a parent is teach from past experiences. Maybe some parents think that allowing there child at a younger age to drink will discourage them eventually being that they will experience the lows and bad times for themselves and the toll it takes on your body. But whatever the reason we all drink and some allot more then others, there is no going back now at this point in time alcohol is in our DNA now and there is no escape. There is no one way or series of ways to keep someone away from this "drug" no matter where you live, how you are ,poor or rich alcohol will always be there and we will always feel as if it takes our problems away and relaxes us, but weed is out there too and it does a hell of allot better for us but yet it is still illegal.. when alcohol kills thousands and thousands of people every year, indirectly or directly. nothing is ever really said about taking it away "again" another prohibition because they know you can never take anything from us humans that we want ,, we will always find a way of getting it. So were stuck with it forever and as for weed weel never know, i sure would like to see the stats when they come out after weed has finally become legal and see the good it has done for human civilisation, when it is fully accessible and openly available i believe it will counter-act the long life we have dealt with alcohol and transform this world for the better into a humane place where life is valued and never wasted. Bottom's up , humanity is being chugged away but the smoke will appear and overcome us all.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rick Simpson could he be the greatest Canadian alive?

Rick Simpson a kind soul. Maybe the greatest Canadian alive for many number of reasons, being the bravest, Nobelist, helpfulist Canadian there is. putting himself at risk everyday of his life for his patients, out there just trying to save lives and let people live this great life they have, if you haven't herd by now of Rick and his work then sit down and get prepared to read about this great man and his struggle to save lives.. and for there to be a struggle for this man, that is trying to better humanity ,truly tells us what kind of world we are in. when the Government is fighting to take this away from rick and arrest him when he has proven time and time again to cure these diseases in many of his own patients, But the struggle and everything to do with its is all because of one plant.   Marijuana yes indeed quit reading now if your one of those haters but please just take the time to understand and read the many true stories that involve the great Rick Simpson with "Curing cancer" yes indeed i said it the big C word cancer, Rick has for many years been treating many people with minor to terminal cancer and all types of other diseases, saving lives, where the doctors that the patients first went to at a local hospital had at this point in there lives said there was nothing they could do for them and that was basically the answer these trained doctors gave to these people and basically left them for dead but not knowing or maybe they knew the whole time that they were really killing them slowly the whole time just feeding them Chemo and radiation, and also prescription medications that don't do much for the actual cancer other then just "hide" the pain. "Chemo is not the way" says Rick, it kills every living cell in your body and most chances are you wont survive any longer then if you hadn't had chemo at all. And that is there main option really. there only options for doctors as of right now so Rick Simpson took it upon himself to go forth and Cure this horrible disease after suffering with it for many years and having his brother and other family members dying from cancer as well, and people all around him in record amounts never heard of in the past. Rick extracts the THC and main chemicals out of the female marijuana plants in a process which he openly speaks and teaches about and creates an oil out of it he calls "Hemp Oil". which he rubs on to affected areas or ingests internally a few times a day, in some events has eliminated cancerous moles and weird protuberances in people skins, in as little as 3 days just with a band-aid and some oil. he has many patient accounts of curing cancer, everything from lung to skin to even MS and other really horrible diseases. everything you can imagine is cured by this hemp oil and yet the active ingredient is still illegal today actually placed in the category of the worst drugs there is said of having no medicinal value, schedule 1 narcotic.. but back to Rick, so with Hemp being illegal and all, Rick on an everyday basis is dealing with Police, RCMP, lawyers and everything you can imagine trying to help patients which means growing a crop of marijuana and making it himself as there is no where to buy it legally, funny story also ever year before he begins growing his crops he sends a letter to the local RCMP station and tells them about what hes doing and that hes trying to cure and has cured cancer and many other diseases. What a man he is such dignity such determination, and passion to get this out to people and to save lives, and well the cops still come in around harvest time and raid his crop not sure how many times this has happened but once is enough, Ive read the judge in one of his trials for growing, that even the judge was kind of sympathetic in ways toward him but being the laws the way they are still had to charge him with illegally distributing this illegal substance, for which Rick has gotten a hefty fine and a few other things. Well at least the judge even sees this the way it is but being Canada we have to deal with these fucked up laws, how did we get so bad up North it seems the USA is way beyond us in its laws if there is some other hidden agenda there i don't know. But i just want to get out there the story of Rick Simpson and his great contribution to the world at large and everyone in it. if you believe in such things as population control or big drug companies basically have control of everything that marijuana can never be patented which means you cant own it and makes billions billions off of it which would destroy all there profits being that marijuana cures most everything or helps and alleviates most other things, and you can grow it yourself, there is no money to be made well there is but not trillions, hahah money grubbing bastards rot in hell. Rick keep fighting the good fight and some day soon i will join your battle, because we need to survive this world strive to greater things then we could of ever imagined and not let "Them" take away are rights as human beings and if we cannot cure these horrible sicknesses caused by whatever you want to believe we cannot destroy the system at large and finally become free.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free energy is it out there? and if so why wont they tell us?

so Ive been recently watching through old documentaries and reading up on the one and only Nikola Tesla. Who? you may say…and if that is your question it is a shame, because he is by far one of the greatest inventors of his time or any fucking time, maybe he was a little too smart for his own time and people saw him as crazy for what he was trying to accomplish. well anyways the history book have written over him almost completely..I remember back in the school days all they really tought about Nikola Tesla was maybe 1 or 2 minor things about him helping Edison and "helped" create AC power, that was all that they really tough me about this guy and that he did crazy experiments that shut power down to cities, lights and all kinds of noises would be heard coming from his property or lab and he was seen as a Dr.Frankenstein like character and that is how i basically learned an knew of him. but after much time of countless research i now have a new opinion on him a new outlook, he is almost a hero to me and i wondered why in the hell they would not teach of all his working and inventions i think if i had learned some more about him in school it would of made me look down other directions in life career wise to try and pursue this great gift that exists in the universe of supplying endless power to us all forever for free. Ive researched many scientist that not only studied his work but have dedicated there life’s to re-inventing his inventions and remaking his ideas, spending most of there life, day after day studying and interpreting Tesla’s many works. And it sounds maybe a lil crazy but if you only knew the potential of Tesla inventions you would understand how great of a man he was and how revolutionary his ideas were, among one invention that he had created a machine that can harness energy from the atmosphere and also direct it, a supposed death ray that could destroy whole continents and kill masses if used in the wrong hands but he knew in his head the world was not ready for this and would only exploit it for other uses then for good, he has never released it but upon his mysterious deathbed the FBI has taken all of his writings and has not released them since leaving us to question if they recreated it themselves that’s another story . Tesla was also in the stages of building a machine that would supply everyone with free energy without any need for power lines "wireless". He set forth on the project sponsored by G.P.Morgan who later shut down the project being that there was no possible way to put a meter on his device to measure power consumption therefore he could not charge money and make billions off it, so the idea, the project everything got scrapped and later destroyed. so i say now so many years past, his inventions are popping up everywhere, hobbyists and scientists everywhere are recreating these inventions and they are working, but yet we still hear nothing about it in the news, i know the oil companies have a huge grasp on the media and government and everything basically but how is there not enough people by now that have figured out this mans works and try to mass create them and supply everyone with free energy in the world.. are we lazy? even us that know that these things exist cannot really do much about but inform other people or if were really keen go and try to recreate his inventions which will take years of studying and work to re due any of tesla’s inventions. there are many people that are actively selling these free energy generators well not free but so efficient and non polluting out in the world but nothing is said of them no advertisements make it out to the news or media, so no one knows and also the government raids labs of people that have created these machine and they destroy and take everything from tools to paperwork, and this is not made up conspiracy this is fact and the info is out there for everyone. Everyone in the world would benefit from free energy, wait cross that the big oil/energy companies would go bankrupt and all gas stations would be obsolete, sure it would have some negative effects but god dammit free power everywhere even in small remote mountain towns and off grid folks, even the very sick and poor down in the worst places in Africa, everyone. Humans wouldn’t have to work as hard to pay and set forth money and effort to maintain energy in there homes and buisness’s which would save millions over time that’s millions more or maybe thousands more for you to do with as you please and live life in a non polluting, self sustaining manner. It is the greatest option givin to man and we can never let them destroy and take that from us, “Free at last ohh man we are free at last”..get out there create build and change the world from sucking the tits of oil companies.