Friday, 23 November 2012

Rick Simpson could he be the greatest Canadian alive?

Rick Simpson a kind soul. Maybe the greatest Canadian alive for many number of reasons, being the bravest, Nobelist, helpfulist Canadian there is. putting himself at risk everyday of his life for his patients, out there just trying to save lives and let people live this great life they have, if you haven't herd by now of Rick and his work then sit down and get prepared to read about this great man and his struggle to save lives.. and for there to be a struggle for this man, that is trying to better humanity ,truly tells us what kind of world we are in. when the Government is fighting to take this away from rick and arrest him when he has proven time and time again to cure these diseases in many of his own patients, But the struggle and everything to do with its is all because of one plant.   Marijuana yes indeed quit reading now if your one of those haters but please just take the time to understand and read the many true stories that involve the great Rick Simpson with "Curing cancer" yes indeed i said it the big C word cancer, Rick has for many years been treating many people with minor to terminal cancer and all types of other diseases, saving lives, where the doctors that the patients first went to at a local hospital had at this point in there lives said there was nothing they could do for them and that was basically the answer these trained doctors gave to these people and basically left them for dead but not knowing or maybe they knew the whole time that they were really killing them slowly the whole time just feeding them Chemo and radiation, and also prescription medications that don't do much for the actual cancer other then just "hide" the pain. "Chemo is not the way" says Rick, it kills every living cell in your body and most chances are you wont survive any longer then if you hadn't had chemo at all. And that is there main option really. there only options for doctors as of right now so Rick Simpson took it upon himself to go forth and Cure this horrible disease after suffering with it for many years and having his brother and other family members dying from cancer as well, and people all around him in record amounts never heard of in the past. Rick extracts the THC and main chemicals out of the female marijuana plants in a process which he openly speaks and teaches about and creates an oil out of it he calls "Hemp Oil". which he rubs on to affected areas or ingests internally a few times a day, in some events has eliminated cancerous moles and weird protuberances in people skins, in as little as 3 days just with a band-aid and some oil. he has many patient accounts of curing cancer, everything from lung to skin to even MS and other really horrible diseases. everything you can imagine is cured by this hemp oil and yet the active ingredient is still illegal today actually placed in the category of the worst drugs there is said of having no medicinal value, schedule 1 narcotic.. but back to Rick, so with Hemp being illegal and all, Rick on an everyday basis is dealing with Police, RCMP, lawyers and everything you can imagine trying to help patients which means growing a crop of marijuana and making it himself as there is no where to buy it legally, funny story also ever year before he begins growing his crops he sends a letter to the local RCMP station and tells them about what hes doing and that hes trying to cure and has cured cancer and many other diseases. What a man he is such dignity such determination, and passion to get this out to people and to save lives, and well the cops still come in around harvest time and raid his crop not sure how many times this has happened but once is enough, Ive read the judge in one of his trials for growing, that even the judge was kind of sympathetic in ways toward him but being the laws the way they are still had to charge him with illegally distributing this illegal substance, for which Rick has gotten a hefty fine and a few other things. Well at least the judge even sees this the way it is but being Canada we have to deal with these fucked up laws, how did we get so bad up North it seems the USA is way beyond us in its laws if there is some other hidden agenda there i don't know. But i just want to get out there the story of Rick Simpson and his great contribution to the world at large and everyone in it. if you believe in such things as population control or big drug companies basically have control of everything that marijuana can never be patented which means you cant own it and makes billions billions off of it which would destroy all there profits being that marijuana cures most everything or helps and alleviates most other things, and you can grow it yourself, there is no money to be made well there is but not trillions, hahah money grubbing bastards rot in hell. Rick keep fighting the good fight and some day soon i will join your battle, because we need to survive this world strive to greater things then we could of ever imagined and not let "Them" take away are rights as human beings and if we cannot cure these horrible sicknesses caused by whatever you want to believe we cannot destroy the system at large and finally become free.

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  1. I've watched all his stuff on youtube plus all the testimonials I could find. Frankly this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen on the internet. This empirical data is worth more than actual theoretical research imo. He doesn't seem to have any nefarious motives unlike the medical/pharmaceutical/governmental systems. It's rare to find a Canadian with such balls. So far, I believe that if this oil(around 90% thc content as he uses) is taken before chemo and radiation it will probably work.