Monday, 29 October 2012

2012 the end is nearing..what will the media/Government concoct?

so yes we have made it here into 2012 the dreaded year that everyone has been fearing for their whole life's, a year that has been numerously told about and predicted upon as the end the final year of existence or the start of a new existence. whatever you've been told or believe that will happen in this year or close to the date of the end of the mayan calender dec 21 or something like that maybe the 25th. anyways it is now the medias responsibilty to create havoc in the press to create fear in us all, for control of some sort or some other hidden agenda. they've hyped 2012 up to epic preportions and they left us with no hope. so with any kind of change in weather, any storms any terrorist attacks, or any economic issue it will surely comeback to the end of days "the apocolypse". but for the millions of us out there that deny this and have a mind that can over comprehend the things the media spits at us or the government, we know the truth well not the actual truth but were not stupid enough to listen to them, and take whole heartedly into our conscience and accept there supposed truths. hell no we wont go marching in alignment with the rest of the herd. and whatever happens on or around the dreaded day, whether it be man caused or coincidence. take the time to interpret and analyze because the Government has been working for years to scare us into submission and one big event is the key left to unlock the unholy door which is about to be opened on us and devouer or souls our individualism. the one last step to taking full control, marshall law or whatever there is big plans out there in the making and even tho us the people out number the bastards by so much, the fear is what keeps us down, keeps us from fighting. but soon there is bound to be revolt, change in our thought and minds. a huge reason mind expanding drugs or marijuana are almost labeled as the worst things to human race, letting the herd expand there simple small minds would result in the end of this horrible government, this regime. we came close in the 60's but thanks to Nixon the free thinking and individualism died circa 1970 and were left to pick it up from people young and old analyze, interpret, visualize and see the world as it is and the evil bastards that control it that control us. im not a conspiracy theorist or anything im a fuckin realist just with my opinions. im not trying to make a point or tell you whats gonna happen meerly aiming for discussion and input. i dont know the answers just trying to get the brain thinkin.

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