Thursday, 25 October 2012


Addiction: the devils hold on you as christian folk would say. Taking, stripping your life of full potential, full everlasting joy, bliss. It can take everything in your life, "everything" right down to eventually your true self, your true being .who "you" are. But im sure at some point your life slowly dissolved away long before you came to the end, and no man/woman needs to experience these horrible life destroying ways, but everyone almost has to, to know what its likes to have everything come crashing down to feel life just so out of reach. Escaping the true world that we live in everyday, hiding, masking themselves, scared of whats around them dead inside and out, to experience this is to really appreciate what you have. They are spineless, gutless, but will rob your ass in a second to get back to there own world and in the end for what a temporary high, temporary escape after a while just using to get by, not even getting a joy out of being high, just to be. waste of space waste of human potential. I myself have been down the road of addiction whether it be drugs, alcohol, tobacco, even material things. Ive always managed to break the addictions somehow no matter how long it took , it surely wasn't easiest battle but i won in the end but the war surely isn't over yet . most people i guess could be born with addictive personalities and never escape them, but in the end we all have control over our minds.. most of the time. i will not say I'm stronger then anyone else out there cause there are certainly temptations i cannot go without that everyday i must have but they are not physically holding. How do you define the difference between addiction and just plain "wanting"?. is the physical craving, not needing the craving that you have created by feeding your body with these chemicals. physical reminders that make you want more and more feeling as if you can never live without. what part of the human brain makes us this way are we born with something that causes this, different in every human some more some less. will power is the only Savior and addiction after a while will eat through that like a starving piranha devouring into a half dead corpse. almost like a plague it attacks us. and to believe in god and ask him to help rid yourself of this awful disease is to admit that he put you there in the first place that should tell you something right there, your on your own. I still to this day have people i know that cannot escape the life of addiction and at this point in time i  believe they might never make it that they may never escape this clutch, this grip. after so many times of trying to help, hurting yourself dealing with them, killing yourself inside. And most times nothing ever works, but to give up on a human is the hardest thing another human can do. but drug addicts are no longer human after a certain period there is another driving force behind them that infiltrates there being and destroys everything about "them", there true self is still buried somewhere deep inside but the addiction  keeps shovelling more and more shit on top, keeping them down its a road that once travelled is hard to change course. if you manage to conquer this retched battle of drugs or any addiction i commend you, fight the good fight. we are our own addictions our own problems, and the people that can admit this can save themselves.."admitting is the first step" . the only addiction we truly need is the addiction to LIFE itself, maybe not this one but someday.hahh

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