Monday, 29 October 2012

2012 the end is nearing..what will the media/Government concoct?

so yes we have made it here into 2012 the dreaded year that everyone has been fearing for their whole life's, a year that has been numerously told about and predicted upon as the end the final year of existence or the start of a new existence. whatever you've been told or believe that will happen in this year or close to the date of the end of the mayan calender dec 21 or something like that maybe the 25th. anyways it is now the medias responsibilty to create havoc in the press to create fear in us all, for control of some sort or some other hidden agenda. they've hyped 2012 up to epic preportions and they left us with no hope. so with any kind of change in weather, any storms any terrorist attacks, or any economic issue it will surely comeback to the end of days "the apocolypse". but for the millions of us out there that deny this and have a mind that can over comprehend the things the media spits at us or the government, we know the truth well not the actual truth but were not stupid enough to listen to them, and take whole heartedly into our conscience and accept there supposed truths. hell no we wont go marching in alignment with the rest of the herd. and whatever happens on or around the dreaded day, whether it be man caused or coincidence. take the time to interpret and analyze because the Government has been working for years to scare us into submission and one big event is the key left to unlock the unholy door which is about to be opened on us and devouer or souls our individualism. the one last step to taking full control, marshall law or whatever there is big plans out there in the making and even tho us the people out number the bastards by so much, the fear is what keeps us down, keeps us from fighting. but soon there is bound to be revolt, change in our thought and minds. a huge reason mind expanding drugs or marijuana are almost labeled as the worst things to human race, letting the herd expand there simple small minds would result in the end of this horrible government, this regime. we came close in the 60's but thanks to Nixon the free thinking and individualism died circa 1970 and were left to pick it up from people young and old analyze, interpret, visualize and see the world as it is and the evil bastards that control it that control us. im not a conspiracy theorist or anything im a fuckin realist just with my opinions. im not trying to make a point or tell you whats gonna happen meerly aiming for discussion and input. i dont know the answers just trying to get the brain thinkin.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The one and only Tom Fun Orchestra

yes indeed i may say the word greatness every so often, but for the first time in my life it has struck chords in side me to levels i have never experienced before to a whole nother level because of one band's new album...and that band is the Tom fun orchestra an exceptionally amazing band from the good ol Cape breton, Ns. and for sure i myself call this place my home, my stomping grounds the place where we grew up we learned life the east coast way and we took that out into the world with us to change things to blow the rest of canada or usa wherever away. and one group of people doing that is the tom fun ever since i first herd there great full bodied melodies, with every east coast instrument combined into a beast a machine that took my ears by storm the first i had heard them i dont have the greatest memory but i think it was on a local skateboarding movie named Scenary and the song , Watchmaker i do recall. the first time i got to experience the great tom fun in concert was one of the best live performances i had seen. over in sydney the 8 or 9 or maybe even 10 at the time of them just crammed up onstage with an energy that just pulsed out of every part of them instruments and all. working together creating this sound so inspired by the east that just gets to me every time, i hear. the audience has no choice but to dance to this music the sounds the ups the downs the stops everything leaves you with no other choice but to dance your ass off to you drop to the floor. yes there are here the tom fun and we are very happy. and now not sure 2, 3 years or so later the come back at us, with a new album. one that i personally have been waiting for seems like an eternity because music to me is more then most people it eats at my brain like a parasite a good parasite taking over every square, circle inch of it. live eat sleep breath music and when a certain band comes along and also a certain song, i almost tear up out of pure happiness on a regular basis the goosebumbs the whole works ."FEEDING MY SOUL" is what its doing and i will be everlastingly happy for it..but back to the new album yes EARTHWORM HEART it is hear and my first chance i got to listen to it on i sat pressed play and 14 songs later i took a few extra minutes just to move to function because this was it, a truly amazing record one that most bands will never get after there first great album, but yes they did the sound were there the new faster melodies awsomely constructed in new manners then the have had before but still holding ever so tightly to the east. not as many violins/fiddles as before which were a huge favorite of mine, but somehow they created such a sound that the fiddles are not needed it works and it works well, good job guys and gals, standing ovation from us all out there, and a personal thanks for the amazing work on Sympathetic wolf which at the moment is being played about 5 times a days, the lyrics are wonderful as always, looking forward to the BC Shows i will attend as many as i physically can handle.

Thursday, 25 October 2012 lost in space

so here i am back again on a retchid and im sure in some way cancer causing computer to try again and document my many many writings over the years, some which i have lost i should say actually a ton of writings i had many years ago some of my best work. just got erased, deleted, oblithurated from existance because i had stored them on a computer or some type of device for it, they just dont make laptops like they used too.cant even punch the keyboard anymore or the harddrive explodes, and i think im on number 12 er so a few flew at and against the wall one got feild goaled out in the yard and how ever the others stopped working who cares, mighta been me and might not of, anyways the fact is they all gave up on me and took with them my precious Data, down to computer hell with them, so at this point in time i figure the INTERWEB will keep this shit documented for ever as long as i stay connected to this website and also i will be able to share from the mind of me the weird and fucked up world we live in from a different point of view, with whoever stumbles there way into this madness of my blogs. (old article)-i had already lost a few books er so in one of them 62 bit revolutionized machines. lost er all, precious peices of info, adventures, priceless isnt even the fuckin word for it. i will say now i will never trust a computer ever again , im going back to the type writer cause my horrid brain hand coordination sucks and i hate writing, "OLDS WAYS WILL REPLACE NEW IN A WORLD THAT LETS GO OF IT PAST" that is a quote i am proud of, cant believe something like that could come out of my thick deranged skull of mine, i dono if its relevent or true to this but i think by the time someone reads it will be true. "hopes are never really a time compass in life and fears bring us immortally back to the grave" i think that may have been nonsense but anything means somthing!!!long livee us..


Addiction: the devils hold on you as christian folk would say. Taking, stripping your life of full potential, full everlasting joy, bliss. It can take everything in your life, "everything" right down to eventually your true self, your true being .who "you" are. But im sure at some point your life slowly dissolved away long before you came to the end, and no man/woman needs to experience these horrible life destroying ways, but everyone almost has to, to know what its likes to have everything come crashing down to feel life just so out of reach. Escaping the true world that we live in everyday, hiding, masking themselves, scared of whats around them dead inside and out, to experience this is to really appreciate what you have. They are spineless, gutless, but will rob your ass in a second to get back to there own world and in the end for what a temporary high, temporary escape after a while just using to get by, not even getting a joy out of being high, just to be. waste of space waste of human potential. I myself have been down the road of addiction whether it be drugs, alcohol, tobacco, even material things. Ive always managed to break the addictions somehow no matter how long it took , it surely wasn't easiest battle but i won in the end but the war surely isn't over yet . most people i guess could be born with addictive personalities and never escape them, but in the end we all have control over our minds.. most of the time. i will not say I'm stronger then anyone else out there cause there are certainly temptations i cannot go without that everyday i must have but they are not physically holding. How do you define the difference between addiction and just plain "wanting"?. is the physical craving, not needing the craving that you have created by feeding your body with these chemicals. physical reminders that make you want more and more feeling as if you can never live without. what part of the human brain makes us this way are we born with something that causes this, different in every human some more some less. will power is the only Savior and addiction after a while will eat through that like a starving piranha devouring into a half dead corpse. almost like a plague it attacks us. and to believe in god and ask him to help rid yourself of this awful disease is to admit that he put you there in the first place that should tell you something right there, your on your own. I still to this day have people i know that cannot escape the life of addiction and at this point in time i  believe they might never make it that they may never escape this clutch, this grip. after so many times of trying to help, hurting yourself dealing with them, killing yourself inside. And most times nothing ever works, but to give up on a human is the hardest thing another human can do. but drug addicts are no longer human after a certain period there is another driving force behind them that infiltrates there being and destroys everything about "them", there true self is still buried somewhere deep inside but the addiction  keeps shovelling more and more shit on top, keeping them down its a road that once travelled is hard to change course. if you manage to conquer this retched battle of drugs or any addiction i commend you, fight the good fight. we are our own addictions our own problems, and the people that can admit this can save themselves.."admitting is the first step" . the only addiction we truly need is the addiction to LIFE itself, maybe not this one but someday.hahh

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Snow people

Snow people
we are awaiting the snow every year like never before. Waiting for them beautiful white flakes of greatness to touch down on us and later carry us smoothly across some of the biggest mountain tops and through the trees. O man it just doesn’t get any better, truly living playing one on one with nature, living as never before, becoming one with the earth, only the true snow people know about this great relationship between us and nature, the snow the trees the everything it has to offer .it affects the soul in ways not most people can experience or appreciate, its truly an extraordinary moment each time you touch down and know exactly where you’re going and how you’re getting there. It’s as if getting there is just as great as the amazing ride down. What joy, in life can be this rewarding this good, and also drive your body to the depths of despair and destruction, using every muscle all as one unit striving further and further to unknown territories, literally where no man has been before. One small step for mankind one narly ass ride for man. The whole ride just plotting and scoping out lines, picking every obstacle, natural formation. But also knowing at the same time that at any moment death lurks and does he ever, your never alone in the mountains, death is always there watching, tempting, taunting us. Its only after many years of experience can you read the mountains and see for yourself what are the possibilities and risks. Avalanches can and will occur anywhere there is big enough slope so that being said every mountain has them. They are waiting to go at any moment; every step you take into the mountains/backcountry is another step closer to death. Even with vast knowledge shit happens. So every time you go out you are putting your life in danger for recreation but its more than that and the snow people know that inside, you may think were crazy but it’s our life. I don’t know what a loving mother would say to her son who works as a policeman in risk and danger every time he walks the beat, and what she would say to a backcountry skier who doesn’t make a living putting themselves that close to death but merely chooses to for a hobby. But in the end we can all choose are jobs and we certainly can choose our hobbies. When it comes to the love of the backcountry the snow the mountains it is almost not a choice to us it is bred into our blood for life, we have some control but in the end there is a higher say, it’s not just recreation it’s a lifestyle, an urge that can’t be left behind. Back again to the mother sitting home worried, waiting for her loving son to come home from a day at work as a policeman. How is she affected as opposed to a mother/wife of a skier backcountry enthusiast, who goes out most days, not returning for hours and hours by full choice? We all live for the thrill of something even if it puts us close to the inevitable obstacle of being hurt or dying, “the closer we come to death the more alive you feel”. It’s out there and we accept it every day, and learn everyday…. Life is out there and so is death, when you accept this then you can start living.


Possessions the things that hold us down, that keep us from making what we truly want to become or to accomplish, I cant piss on possessions to much myself because throughout the years I have  acquired lots of possessions, shitloads and I cant get enough but i'm starting to figure out inside my own mind that these horrible things are keeping me at the moment from just getting up and going, leaving to a better life somewhere, somewhere warm, where people are actually nice and friendly not always trying to get ahead by slitting your throat, where also the food is great and the Ganja is just plentiful and superb. I think to myself why cant I just leave and already be somewhere else but with all these possessions I have acquired I cannot up and leave which leaves me anchored down into this ocean of life.  After dreaded high school I immediately flew out to the retched land of Alberta to one of the worst places in Canada, Fort Mcmurray, where my plan was as most people my age coming from cape Breton was to head out to the oil sands and make it rich, make more money then most kids my age buy everything I wanted and by doing so would gain my happiness in life. Wow what a life I though as do most people. Now I sit here in fort crack acquiring more and more shit I don’t need realising more and more that happiness isn’t bought and paid for.. or leased/financed (as the case in northern Alberta).  So with a renewed outlook I strive forward to rid myself of all these material things, so much I have that in my apartment I can barely move. I sit here deceived, perpetuated, angry toward life as I dug myself a hole but in fact the opposite, I had a hole in my life and i filled it with things whatever I wanted whenever. I felt I had it all but what was all what was anything, something, all of it meant nothing. Money can by perceived happiness for a short period I will say, but in the end what the fuck is that worth to you?.. Money,  money,  money why why why have you deceived us into happiness so easily at every turn, why? Why cant we live without money all of us, we don’t need it, truly we can survive without the need of this eventually everyone gets bored of everything no matter what it is believe me, I had over 9 guitars because I could and also cause one gets boring after a while among countless other things that I purchased an used for a week or day maybe. O well in hell fuck it all , soon my items will be back in circulation amongst the wanters out there, the pigs the swine that go ridging and fiending for these objects, needing them at every turn. So come one come all to the collection of life earning/belongings at a cheap discount price that took a discount to my life, take em and run well run I guess not cause with all that shit you are not going anywhere, and if so not very fast; at least you'll have a smile on your face, but will I with cash in hand on my way to heading south to start a new life, possession free, worry free, debt free. Don’t buy yourself into a life you cannot buy out of because I can tell ya now.. that life sucks.