Saturday, 13 April 2013

Emerald lake lodge staff accom A tale of excess and isolation Part 2 of 3

On to the "Food" that these people try to serve us here, the staff Kitchen a dreary place where your never safe and always scowled at by whomever has been bestowed upon to work the kitchen that day. i have nothing against any of the cooks or people that stepped foot in there to cook a ton of food for the bunch of raving, insane Patients of this facility the Emerald lake lodge insane haha yes indeed every day trying to dish out something to us, trays and trays sitting every so innocently under the sneeze guards waiting to be prowled upon and swallowed up without a single human breath. the cooks some without any care of peoples taste buds or health regime, just slopping out whatever is quickest and easiest, most showing up for breakfast shift every mourning hung over to fuck , a dead soul barely movement making there way into the kitchen stumbling, falling around 5-6am in the mourn and if not my night shift concluded of waking the fuckers up out of a comatose they induced on themselves the night before and every other night for that matter. yes the people were the kind where "NO shits were given" and this place emerald lake is the only place that could contain such a ya after they wake up sometime around 11am then on to dishing out more horrific, trays of flavourless muck i think at this point MSG would of made everything so much better at some expense to our health, but com on its not that hard....better food is fed to actual swine.. so does that make us Rats, retched dirty depraved rats..ya just a giant zoo thats goes off every weekend breaking into orgies of madness and mess of violent charades. we cant be helped , the ones going back home to there real lives eventually, those people may have a chance to make it or maybe us brain matured hippies may make it but not our lifers, hell no they are doomed to spend their miserable soules rotting away. it can be a good life depending how you make it hear a clear head and healthiness you may go far but who knows or wants to try that shit out, fuck that... now on to my job that i do here if you can even call it that, basically a glorified time filler, o its a harsh game drowning the time away, talking to yourself can only make you crazier,, "ive been trying to kill time my whole life, its really gonna be something when time comes for me", but plenty of time left to push my luck, pushing your luck is a harsh game and a hard road to follow you cant just go in and out of it you have to make that stable fuckin decision that your either gonna do this your whole life or not at all, you cant just gain "balls" your either born with em or you spend your whole life trying to grow them fuckers , and no im not talking about testicles im talking about that inner bravery, stupidity maybe? that thing inside people minds that just stops them from thinking and just do.. people say its bravery or whatever ya want to call it deathwish whatever, these people were born with this power and some of us need to work or asses off to gain just a little...anyways on to Boredom. boredom is also a hard game to play around here , you got to keep your mind busy most of all because insanity is just around the corner.. weed is the greatest thing i have found in this life that cures boredom and does it ever, its the perfect recreational drug to help you pass time.. you may be doing the same thing you were doing before you got high but now its funner, thank you dopamine...some people out here at ELL do absolutely nothing to pass time these peop;le are just on the verge, watch out for these fuckers they will destroy us all, then you got the health nerds or the adventurists, some running 2 3 times a day up, down all around any direction. this helps boredom but god dammit people there is no time to run in the mountains , take your time and live its all around you...but the rest of the Drug addicts, all of them smoking there brains straight out of commission, drinking their insides to death, destroying their vital organs, all in the name of fun.."the good time are killing me" indeed isaac you said it best , but do we want no good times is it worth it to live without good times. not for me i say not at all. life is and can be one Great time...the road to good times is a road once you head down you gotta fucking ride that bitch out as long as you can , it gets a Little bumpy and ruff, but it gets better...or does it really?who knows.....all i know is im broke and always am and always without weed and booze, how does this shit work out, i think even with millions of dollars i would find someway to spend it and have nothing left to show, I am No drug "addict" by any means, but i like good times and i learne3d the ins and outs quickly in life so the rest is all good, ah ha Never let it hold you down..Life that is.. Hold that bitch down pull her pigs tales back and take that ride....ya anyway s back to boredom a horrid thing ... but i myself could stand in an empty room with nothing in it and as long as i had some weed i could strive on be content, somehow i would find something to do somehow..But no man after a long amount of time could withstand themselves, you are not your own friend no sir not at all your mind will corrupt you and leave you stranded when it gets the chance, he is not your friend, no amount of drugs or alcohol would help you on that brain leaves me for broke now almost every time i drink, no memories..i have to ask whomever i was with to give me the stories, some of horror, intrigue, violence, insanity and lots of embarrassment. alcohol is the factor and its getting bad , have i lost my fuckin mind is this it, can i still manage to get by, who knows and again who cares. end of part 2

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