Saturday, 24 November 2012

AlcohoL: Embedded into our DNA, A life long struggle with no end

Alcohol "Booze", "the devils nectar", "firewater", whatever name ya want to give it, makes no difference at all, either way its all alcohol. whether its made out in the bush with barrels, inside your basement in a large glass jug or at a distillery, its all the same shit, a horrid liquid that comes in different forms of colour, thickness, taste and smell. that takes all inhibitions from you, all moral and good thinking, takes away motor skills and most normal bodily functions that we need just to survive this fucked up world. Sure alcohol is embedded into our history and our lives and has shaped the world for as long as i can remember, every person when they hit a certain age is predisposed to coming into the world which is alcohol being surrounded by friends even family, from birth or whenever. Peer pressure and curiosity get you as a young kid, then from there you ascend down into the path of alcohol, almost every single person will come into contact with alcohol as a kid in some form or another and from that very moment will shape there lives whether they choose to go full fledged into the fork in the road where alcohol takes you in his direction and leads you down that road until you are strong or capable of changing your path for the better of your life and the people who love you. Sure alcohol is great in moderation the only reason I'm going full into this is because at a certain point in my life alcohol does things to me that i have no control over after enough alcohol is sloshed into my system my brain shuts off, and it has been happening on the regular the past few years, one drink too many or whatever it is but i wake up the next day, sometimes in weird, far away places different rooms, beds, even cities then where i started the consumption, every time with also the dreaded hangovers as well. Hard liquor being the main cause, How many times have you woken up not knowing where your at, who your with, or what you did? How can this be good for our society if it has the ability to destroy our main brain function that controls our daily outcomes that keep us from doing fucked up things. I feel now as if Alcohol will now and forever be available and accessible to humans, because like a said it is embedded, etched, coded into our existence even into religions and cultures, it made history in the world and and changed us forever, on in everyday basis alcohol still effects our existence on this planet, and i don't think in any way for the better. i will say some points in our lives we do need to let go, let loose and drift out of this world at large either by drugs or alcohol and transcend deeper into our own minds. but at this point in time this generation i cannot presume what will occur in there direction toward alcohol i have seen through my years younger and younger kids growing up using or actually being allowed by parents to consume alcohol on a regular basis, i will not say much about the parents because i could never comprehend the ownership of a child and his whole life up to about 15 years old, and trying to make the right decisions for them, when you know damn well they are going to do whatever they please and all you could do as a parent is teach from past experiences. Maybe some parents think that allowing there child at a younger age to drink will discourage them eventually being that they will experience the lows and bad times for themselves and the toll it takes on your body. But whatever the reason we all drink and some allot more then others, there is no going back now at this point in time alcohol is in our DNA now and there is no escape. There is no one way or series of ways to keep someone away from this "drug" no matter where you live, how you are ,poor or rich alcohol will always be there and we will always feel as if it takes our problems away and relaxes us, but weed is out there too and it does a hell of allot better for us but yet it is still illegal.. when alcohol kills thousands and thousands of people every year, indirectly or directly. nothing is ever really said about taking it away "again" another prohibition because they know you can never take anything from us humans that we want ,, we will always find a way of getting it. So were stuck with it forever and as for weed weel never know, i sure would like to see the stats when they come out after weed has finally become legal and see the good it has done for human civilisation, when it is fully accessible and openly available i believe it will counter-act the long life we have dealt with alcohol and transform this world for the better into a humane place where life is valued and never wasted. Bottom's up , humanity is being chugged away but the smoke will appear and overcome us all.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rick Simpson could he be the greatest Canadian alive?

Rick Simpson a kind soul. Maybe the greatest Canadian alive for many number of reasons, being the bravest, Nobelist, helpfulist Canadian there is. putting himself at risk everyday of his life for his patients, out there just trying to save lives and let people live this great life they have, if you haven't herd by now of Rick and his work then sit down and get prepared to read about this great man and his struggle to save lives.. and for there to be a struggle for this man, that is trying to better humanity ,truly tells us what kind of world we are in. when the Government is fighting to take this away from rick and arrest him when he has proven time and time again to cure these diseases in many of his own patients, But the struggle and everything to do with its is all because of one plant.   Marijuana yes indeed quit reading now if your one of those haters but please just take the time to understand and read the many true stories that involve the great Rick Simpson with "Curing cancer" yes indeed i said it the big C word cancer, Rick has for many years been treating many people with minor to terminal cancer and all types of other diseases, saving lives, where the doctors that the patients first went to at a local hospital had at this point in there lives said there was nothing they could do for them and that was basically the answer these trained doctors gave to these people and basically left them for dead but not knowing or maybe they knew the whole time that they were really killing them slowly the whole time just feeding them Chemo and radiation, and also prescription medications that don't do much for the actual cancer other then just "hide" the pain. "Chemo is not the way" says Rick, it kills every living cell in your body and most chances are you wont survive any longer then if you hadn't had chemo at all. And that is there main option really. there only options for doctors as of right now so Rick Simpson took it upon himself to go forth and Cure this horrible disease after suffering with it for many years and having his brother and other family members dying from cancer as well, and people all around him in record amounts never heard of in the past. Rick extracts the THC and main chemicals out of the female marijuana plants in a process which he openly speaks and teaches about and creates an oil out of it he calls "Hemp Oil". which he rubs on to affected areas or ingests internally a few times a day, in some events has eliminated cancerous moles and weird protuberances in people skins, in as little as 3 days just with a band-aid and some oil. he has many patient accounts of curing cancer, everything from lung to skin to even MS and other really horrible diseases. everything you can imagine is cured by this hemp oil and yet the active ingredient is still illegal today actually placed in the category of the worst drugs there is said of having no medicinal value, schedule 1 narcotic.. but back to Rick, so with Hemp being illegal and all, Rick on an everyday basis is dealing with Police, RCMP, lawyers and everything you can imagine trying to help patients which means growing a crop of marijuana and making it himself as there is no where to buy it legally, funny story also ever year before he begins growing his crops he sends a letter to the local RCMP station and tells them about what hes doing and that hes trying to cure and has cured cancer and many other diseases. What a man he is such dignity such determination, and passion to get this out to people and to save lives, and well the cops still come in around harvest time and raid his crop not sure how many times this has happened but once is enough, Ive read the judge in one of his trials for growing, that even the judge was kind of sympathetic in ways toward him but being the laws the way they are still had to charge him with illegally distributing this illegal substance, for which Rick has gotten a hefty fine and a few other things. Well at least the judge even sees this the way it is but being Canada we have to deal with these fucked up laws, how did we get so bad up North it seems the USA is way beyond us in its laws if there is some other hidden agenda there i don't know. But i just want to get out there the story of Rick Simpson and his great contribution to the world at large and everyone in it. if you believe in such things as population control or big drug companies basically have control of everything that marijuana can never be patented which means you cant own it and makes billions billions off of it which would destroy all there profits being that marijuana cures most everything or helps and alleviates most other things, and you can grow it yourself, there is no money to be made well there is but not trillions, hahah money grubbing bastards rot in hell. Rick keep fighting the good fight and some day soon i will join your battle, because we need to survive this world strive to greater things then we could of ever imagined and not let "Them" take away are rights as human beings and if we cannot cure these horrible sicknesses caused by whatever you want to believe we cannot destroy the system at large and finally become free.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free energy is it out there? and if so why wont they tell us?

so Ive been recently watching through old documentaries and reading up on the one and only Nikola Tesla. Who? you may say…and if that is your question it is a shame, because he is by far one of the greatest inventors of his time or any fucking time, maybe he was a little too smart for his own time and people saw him as crazy for what he was trying to accomplish. well anyways the history book have written over him almost completely..I remember back in the school days all they really tought about Nikola Tesla was maybe 1 or 2 minor things about him helping Edison and "helped" create AC power, that was all that they really tough me about this guy and that he did crazy experiments that shut power down to cities, lights and all kinds of noises would be heard coming from his property or lab and he was seen as a Dr.Frankenstein like character and that is how i basically learned an knew of him. but after much time of countless research i now have a new opinion on him a new outlook, he is almost a hero to me and i wondered why in the hell they would not teach of all his working and inventions i think if i had learned some more about him in school it would of made me look down other directions in life career wise to try and pursue this great gift that exists in the universe of supplying endless power to us all forever for free. Ive researched many scientist that not only studied his work but have dedicated there life’s to re-inventing his inventions and remaking his ideas, spending most of there life, day after day studying and interpreting Tesla’s many works. And it sounds maybe a lil crazy but if you only knew the potential of Tesla inventions you would understand how great of a man he was and how revolutionary his ideas were, among one invention that he had created a machine that can harness energy from the atmosphere and also direct it, a supposed death ray that could destroy whole continents and kill masses if used in the wrong hands but he knew in his head the world was not ready for this and would only exploit it for other uses then for good, he has never released it but upon his mysterious deathbed the FBI has taken all of his writings and has not released them since leaving us to question if they recreated it themselves that’s another story . Tesla was also in the stages of building a machine that would supply everyone with free energy without any need for power lines "wireless". He set forth on the project sponsored by G.P.Morgan who later shut down the project being that there was no possible way to put a meter on his device to measure power consumption therefore he could not charge money and make billions off it, so the idea, the project everything got scrapped and later destroyed. so i say now so many years past, his inventions are popping up everywhere, hobbyists and scientists everywhere are recreating these inventions and they are working, but yet we still hear nothing about it in the news, i know the oil companies have a huge grasp on the media and government and everything basically but how is there not enough people by now that have figured out this mans works and try to mass create them and supply everyone with free energy in the world.. are we lazy? even us that know that these things exist cannot really do much about but inform other people or if were really keen go and try to recreate his inventions which will take years of studying and work to re due any of tesla’s inventions. there are many people that are actively selling these free energy generators well not free but so efficient and non polluting out in the world but nothing is said of them no advertisements make it out to the news or media, so no one knows and also the government raids labs of people that have created these machine and they destroy and take everything from tools to paperwork, and this is not made up conspiracy this is fact and the info is out there for everyone. Everyone in the world would benefit from free energy, wait cross that the big oil/energy companies would go bankrupt and all gas stations would be obsolete, sure it would have some negative effects but god dammit free power everywhere even in small remote mountain towns and off grid folks, even the very sick and poor down in the worst places in Africa, everyone. Humans wouldn’t have to work as hard to pay and set forth money and effort to maintain energy in there homes and buisness’s which would save millions over time that’s millions more or maybe thousands more for you to do with as you please and live life in a non polluting, self sustaining manner. It is the greatest option givin to man and we can never let them destroy and take that from us, “Free at last ohh man we are free at last”..get out there create build and change the world from sucking the tits of oil companies.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Canada are we moving forward? or just very slowly backwards?

I ask this question because i cant help but understand the way the Canadian government operates, how Harper operates. How has nothing good changed in this country for so long and how has nothing really positive happened to Canada in the last 4-5 years?, I'm sure there are a few very minor happenings but i myself cannot name one, all i see is a country that is influenced so much by other countries mostly USA but also instead of adopting most of the policies of our brother country they slowly revert them and move back taking years off our progress in this fine nation, there must be a bigger picture here that im missing if were not following the states hand and foot and certainly not adopting any British laws, what are we doing this? cant all be Harpers work, why are our laws changing for the worse when we've moved past these things these small problems that millions are spent on but never solved. like i can name one of the biggest that i seen recently with the drug laws, for years USA has been slowly opening new doors and bringing the Marijuana revolution aboard, adopting policies state to state to OK Medicinal marijuana and move forward, god knows are freaking drug laws aren't working when millions of kids get sent to jail everyday for just possessing pot, the millions that are spent to prosecute and turn our young generations in to full fledged criminals because we all know when a small time man goes to jail for the first time the biggest thing he learns is not to change his life choices and be better , but he learns how to become a better criminal and not get caught as easy, debate it or not but its mostly true. and nows here we are 2012 and November is here with Americas great policy to legalise marijuana in a few states and it has been voted in, the people agreed and more people that even came to vote for obama that day came to vote for marijuana, i figure that most people realise in this day an age that 1 vote or any in an American election means jack shit. well back to it..the same fucking day that America makes weed legal in 2 states and medical legal in a few more Canada pushes forth its version of the way of weed in Canada and adopts a policy to criminalise people, bring them to Jail for a minimum of 6 months for 6 plants or more. so if the government leaned nothing from America and the rest of the world and made these laws on there own, what are they thinking, who really is in control?..because we spent the whole life of Canada being the lil brother of the states and doing what it says and walking hand and foot with them. i remember back when Cretian was our Prime minister and he wanted to decriminalise and a day or 2 later the USA drug Czar came up into Canada and changed his mind pretty quickly and this has been happening for years, so what is our problem now, this is what scares me what is Canada's gain out of criminalising weed, if they think were gonna flood the borders with pot their stupid because the 2 states that have been legalised are close if not on the border. something is up there must be some huge billions dollar scheme to keep weed from getting to the people, pharmaceutical/health care, Energy, or logging companies. but USA is moving forward ..what is this a trick, is there a reason why these laws got pushed through on the same day obama came president, all the pot headed free thinkers wouldn't go vote because they were going to vote for weed or something... it cant be that easy to change something in one country and the other go the many questions and only my free mind can answer for now..."Use your mind, think beyond the box of media and propaganda, if something is weird ,question it is our only free right left.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bittersweet day for Americans: Marijuana Legalized But Obama is still President

a bittersweet day for Americans, Obama has won again and Marijuana has become completely legal under state law in Colorado and Washington also a few other states like Massachusetts and Michigan approved legalising medical marijuana. Why i say "bittersweet" is because its almost like winning a million dollars but you have to jump off a fucking cliff to get it, is it really worth it, I'm not saying that we would of been better off witrh Romney certainly not but its not much of a difference from OBAMA i dont care what you know or think out there from conspiracies to fact. but Obama has gone back on almost every promise he has made in his first run to get elected, saying somethings then going completely 180 on it and changing his mind, o the horror the madness when Americans keep getting there hopes up and then shot down, literally sometimes (JFK). they think its the start of a new America they think change will come for the better, but where the hell is this change where are the improvements, huh where? i may not be an American but still as a Canadian we are affected by USA, and after seeing several posts on Facebook from friends and family i see there are a bunch of narrow minded mother fuckers who believe Obama is the greatest thing to happen in long time but these fucks don't research and go in to the depths of the lies that Obama has created the last 4 years, he is not the holy trinity sent here from some fucked up god in the sky, he is by my view a puppet a secretly put together human specially for the purposes of running the government and being the face of change so that people everywhere will get tricked into false hope, a black president we really have done it but what have we done it may only be good for the Racial movement the civil rights, but for us as regular citizens he is just another person thrown into power to push forth the new laws and regulations of the big guys at the top, I'm not trying to push conspiracies at ya, i have read alot about this and found some hard facts some true evidence that shows the same agenda as the past is still striving forward even through different political parties. the information is out there sure it isn't all real but most of it is the freedom of information act lets these papers come alive, most of the time. but back to the topic a bittersweet day for Americans, the long awaited decriminalising/legalising of marijuana has come, even after 4 years of many states making medical marijuana legal and helping millions of patients all over the country, some people that have relocated many miles to live in a pro-por zone, but with all the peoples votes and all these laws and bills that past in favour of weed, Federal law still prohibits the use and still sees marijuana as a schedule 1 substance one of the most deadliest drugs, and its still 100% illegal to them that's why they made a point the last 4 years of going into these states that have adopted this great policy to let medical marijuana be available to the sick and busting hundreds of Dispensaries and Co-op's all over America, rendering thousands of people without the proper medicine they need. And the funny fact is that there are thousands of fields of pot illegally growing throughout the states especially by the Mexican border and all over and the only marijuana that the federal government goes after is the semi-legal pot that is grow, regulated, inspected and given to sick patients for relive of hundreds of problems. how fucked up is that? why so many years later all the info and proven cancer fighting facts , the research about everything great  THC and CBD the active ingredients in pot contribute to modern problems. even when we find through research that THC and CBD are chemicals which are also created in our bodies as well,  we have receptors in our brain that only become affected by CBD's, thats got to tell ya something that this plant was meant to be consumed. there are key holes in our brain and marijuana is the only Key that fits thats unlocks the potentials of our brain that we just cannot hack ourselves..WOW..Whatever reasons be it pharmaceutical companies,the logging companies the federal government, the hidden powers whoever they sure are doing a good job at keeping it illegal, but with millions of people partaking in this great drug with no side effects and all the good that comes with it.  we cant help but make change to these laws, we are all gonna smoke, vaporise, eat and grow marijuana no matter what whether that means jail or not, we  are willing to give up our rights and freedoms just to smoke pot or grow it, thats got to tell ya something, we are willing to go to jail not willing per say but we made that choice that were gonna use marijuana whatever the consequences are. god dammit its hard to live in this world knowing so much, "Ignorance is bliss" ..."is knowledge power?"

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Music the everlasting joy, bringing people together from all walks of life the last true hope for humanity.

Music the everlasting joy, bringing people together from all walks of life the last true hope for humanity. nothing out there in this universe has the same affect on the human mind and soul as music, the great vibes and moods it puts you in when you first touch that needle down on the record it Sparks something inside of you, something other worldly a great force which takes all control of your senses leaving you in almost a dream world. yes music can accomplish all of this and more. how many times have you turned on a song and have became so affected by physically, emotionally enough to get goosebumps all throughout your skin and even tear up, enough to strike a chord in your main nervous system. that is music and yes sir and most of us know this but i have met a few people throughout my life that didn't really partake in music of any type and those people in my mind truly had some kinda of problem a deep lurking one if not completely noticeable but not crazy or abnormal just "different". I could not imagine a life without the wonderfulness of music and also the instruments that create such greatness, where would the world be in this point in time, i would think in a very bad spot. Music even has the power to revolutionise the people of the planet we've all seen it in the 60's a whole generation of music created for that era the problems they faced with the governments and wars. and what a new genre they created such experimentality and almost years above its time , one of the best i have to say i may not have been born right in it or even close but many years later i still watch the movies and listen to everything from this era its flows through my veins, a music i cannot let go of. Jimi hendrix, Joplin, Beatles, Stones, jefferson airplane, greatful dead, joe cocker, pink floyd, clapton, more and so much more. these are the people that cannot be copied the greats that will live in our hearts in souls for ever because of how this music was created it meant something truly, money wasn't involved there was a universal feeling that what you were doing in that part of time was a statement to the world something that is hard to find today you were truly involved in the planet and everyone in and "change". Now we move into the new age of music sure its good and it still affects the soul, but does it have true purpose behind it other then money? For sure there are many artists still out there that have no care for money and fame and play music for the greatness that it is, born, bred in them from birth there still is tons of meaning tons of purpose behind today's music but with the millions of artists that are contributing crap,garbage, shit all around them ,its hard to find there way into the mainstream and most dont even want to be there anyways these are the ones, the true hope .music a never ending relationship that will shape your whole life..ha ha music god damn its hear and always will be. where ever the sound of music goes in the future I'm sure it will be a major part again on shaping our economy our planet getting the word out there that this fucked up world doesn't run as great as they tell you and well maybe even so evilly, atrociously bad your better off being a def/mute but still to this day new old music has huge affect, and still creates these great extacys inside people that cannot be made any other way then maybe drugs..good ol drugs but a strait way and sober way.Get out there and create get out there and transform. one last kick at the can : "a life without music, is a life with void" space, a certain missing emptiness. and the impact it can have on your life is tremendous and something that can never be taken for granted.MUSIC OUR SAVIOUR

Thursday, 1 November 2012

MSG and Aspartame The 2 evil chemical brothers out to kill us all.

why does almost everything that taste great so bad for you? my whole life I've been hooked on different types of food that i knew in my head were not the healthiest for me and even the foods that were good for me (that i had thought were) that tasted good, i find out now aren't so great because of certain chemicals. Yes im talking about the Bad chemicals otherwise known as MSG and ASPARTAME. i would hope by now that most people out there are aware of these 2 chemicals and what food they are contained in, but if not im gonna let ya know a thing or two these both chemicals are almost in everything that we have been eating since we were born. all these new diseases, cancers and disorders that have been coming up the last 10, 20 years where did they come from?can these chemicals be part of the cause? well lets discuss a little further. Msg was created in Tokyo, Japan as an artificial flavour enhancer first derived from seaweed. Pure MSG does not have a pleasant taste until it is combined with a consonant savoury smell. As a flavor and in the right amount, MSG can enhance other taste-active compounds, improving the overall taste of certain foods. So is it safe? well the FDA concluded its safe if eaten at "customary levels". google defines cus·tom·ar·y as :    According to the customs or usual practises associated with a particular society, place, or set of circumstances. Here go the facts about MSG: 1) 1960's scientist use Msg to fatten up lab rats (2)Proven to make animals and humans insulin resistant causing obesity, sluggishness and depression(cells that produce dopamine and regulate appetite are destroyed). (3)MSG triggers Migraines/headaches by activating a certain gene in your body.(4) Alzheimers, Autism and cancer have been linked to MSG intake. what more could you possibly need to know to realize this shit is bad for you but theres tons more problems coming up from msg. and now big pharma is on the band wagon and trying to make money off of glutamine blocking pills, putting millions more in the pockets of the richest elite of scum on the planet. Just to let you all know something there is already a cheap glutamine blocker out there and it called "ADVIL"or stop consuming MSG altogether. The bastards also hide as much as they can any labeling  and because they detach it from its usual sodium buddy, it doesn't even need to be labeled as MSG or monosodium glutamate so Heres a small list of hugely consumed foods in the north american society  that contain MSG : Any Restaurants-Chicken, fish and beef products, Dressings, gravies, sausage, any dipping sauces, soups, salads, parmesan cheese.Fast foods- seasoned fries, chicken/beef products, salads any sauces. Convience stores-seasoned potato chips, most baked goods and i could go on for days about what foods contain this evil chemical but i wont so just an extra helpful hint KFC is the worst of all fast foods chains for Msg, all them Herbs and spices the cornel talks about well they aren't all good but the food sure is tasty . Well now on to our second Evil man made con coked chemical ASPARTAME. aspartame was first synthesised in 1965 by a scientist generating a tetra peptide of the hormone, gastrin, for use in assessing an anti-ulcer drug candidate i wont get into the chemical details of this one because it all chemically made and synthesised, i read threw it but nothing was retained other then the fact Aspartame contains Methol achohol/Methonal(wood alcohol,poison). Aspartame is an artificial sweetener about 200 times stronger then sucralose or Normal sugar. The sweetness of aspartame lasts longer than sucrose, so it is often blended with other artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium to produce an overall taste more like sugar. after numerous studies and tests It was originally approved for dry goods on July 26, 1974, but objections filed by neuroscience researcher Dr John W. Olney in August 1974 as well as investigations of G.D. Searle's research practises caused the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put approval of aspartame on hold. The FDA commissioner went against some resistance or hesitated approval and deemed Aspartame safe to use in baked goods 1981, beverages and other products in 1983.  In 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle and made Searle Pharmaceuticals and The NutraSweet Company separate subsidiaries. If you have never heard of Monsanto yet you have been living under a rock no a fuckin mountain because these guys are worse then scum worse then any kind of evil, the ultimate group that has no conscience or care for humanity and will eventually slit all our throats anyways Monsanto is another issue i will write about but for now ill stay on topic. Throughout the next years following 1983 many trials and clinical studies were performed here is the list of proven diseases and problems in humans related to aspartame intake: 1)Aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives(Many of these reactions are very serious including seizures and death).(2)A few of the different documented symptoms listed as being caused by aspartame include: Headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain. (3)the following chronic illnesses can be triggered or worsened by ingesting of aspartame: Brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, parkinson's disease, alzheimer's, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. Main food/products containing aspartame:  Diet sodas, chewing gum, quick dissolve medicines," Nutrasweet"/"equal" sweetners,childrens medicine plus lots more.    Aspartate and glutamate act as neurotransmitters in the brain by facilitating the transmission of information from neuron to neuron. Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells. This influx triggers excessive amounts of free radicals, which kill the cells. which in lamen terms means use of these chemicals stimulates your neural cells to death. so in conclusion to all this i would just like to say please look into what your eating all of the things that you grew up on the things you most enjoy. theres gotta be a reason why some food taste so good and you just cant get enough.. chances are they contain either one of these chemical combinations. its a hard thing to swallow when you realise everything you know and love that you are ingesting is bad for you and may cause some type of disease in you or future generations." know what you eat and eat what you know"