Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free energy is it out there? and if so why wont they tell us?

so Ive been recently watching through old documentaries and reading up on the one and only Nikola Tesla. Who? you may say…and if that is your question it is a shame, because he is by far one of the greatest inventors of his time or any fucking time, maybe he was a little too smart for his own time and people saw him as crazy for what he was trying to accomplish. well anyways the history book have written over him almost completely..I remember back in the school days all they really tought about Nikola Tesla was maybe 1 or 2 minor things about him helping Edison and "helped" create AC power, that was all that they really tough me about this guy and that he did crazy experiments that shut power down to cities, lights and all kinds of noises would be heard coming from his property or lab and he was seen as a Dr.Frankenstein like character and that is how i basically learned an knew of him. but after much time of countless research i now have a new opinion on him a new outlook, he is almost a hero to me and i wondered why in the hell they would not teach of all his working and inventions i think if i had learned some more about him in school it would of made me look down other directions in life career wise to try and pursue this great gift that exists in the universe of supplying endless power to us all forever for free. Ive researched many scientist that not only studied his work but have dedicated there life’s to re-inventing his inventions and remaking his ideas, spending most of there life, day after day studying and interpreting Tesla’s many works. And it sounds maybe a lil crazy but if you only knew the potential of Tesla inventions you would understand how great of a man he was and how revolutionary his ideas were, among one invention that he had created a machine that can harness energy from the atmosphere and also direct it, a supposed death ray that could destroy whole continents and kill masses if used in the wrong hands but he knew in his head the world was not ready for this and would only exploit it for other uses then for good, he has never released it but upon his mysterious deathbed the FBI has taken all of his writings and has not released them since leaving us to question if they recreated it themselves that’s another story . Tesla was also in the stages of building a machine that would supply everyone with free energy without any need for power lines "wireless". He set forth on the project sponsored by G.P.Morgan who later shut down the project being that there was no possible way to put a meter on his device to measure power consumption therefore he could not charge money and make billions off it, so the idea, the project everything got scrapped and later destroyed. so i say now so many years past, his inventions are popping up everywhere, hobbyists and scientists everywhere are recreating these inventions and they are working, but yet we still hear nothing about it in the news, i know the oil companies have a huge grasp on the media and government and everything basically but how is there not enough people by now that have figured out this mans works and try to mass create them and supply everyone with free energy in the world.. are we lazy? even us that know that these things exist cannot really do much about but inform other people or if were really keen go and try to recreate his inventions which will take years of studying and work to re due any of tesla’s inventions. there are many people that are actively selling these free energy generators well not free but so efficient and non polluting out in the world but nothing is said of them no advertisements make it out to the news or media, so no one knows and also the government raids labs of people that have created these machine and they destroy and take everything from tools to paperwork, and this is not made up conspiracy this is fact and the info is out there for everyone. Everyone in the world would benefit from free energy, wait cross that the big oil/energy companies would go bankrupt and all gas stations would be obsolete, sure it would have some negative effects but god dammit free power everywhere even in small remote mountain towns and off grid folks, even the very sick and poor down in the worst places in Africa, everyone. Humans wouldn’t have to work as hard to pay and set forth money and effort to maintain energy in there homes and buisness’s which would save millions over time that’s millions more or maybe thousands more for you to do with as you please and live life in a non polluting, self sustaining manner. It is the greatest option givin to man and we can never let them destroy and take that from us, “Free at last ohh man we are free at last”..get out there create build and change the world from sucking the tits of oil companies.

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