Sunday, 28 October 2012

The one and only Tom Fun Orchestra

yes indeed i may say the word greatness every so often, but for the first time in my life it has struck chords in side me to levels i have never experienced before to a whole nother level because of one band's new album...and that band is the Tom fun orchestra an exceptionally amazing band from the good ol Cape breton, Ns. and for sure i myself call this place my home, my stomping grounds the place where we grew up we learned life the east coast way and we took that out into the world with us to change things to blow the rest of canada or usa wherever away. and one group of people doing that is the tom fun ever since i first herd there great full bodied melodies, with every east coast instrument combined into a beast a machine that took my ears by storm the first i had heard them i dont have the greatest memory but i think it was on a local skateboarding movie named Scenary and the song , Watchmaker i do recall. the first time i got to experience the great tom fun in concert was one of the best live performances i had seen. over in sydney the 8 or 9 or maybe even 10 at the time of them just crammed up onstage with an energy that just pulsed out of every part of them instruments and all. working together creating this sound so inspired by the east that just gets to me every time, i hear. the audience has no choice but to dance to this music the sounds the ups the downs the stops everything leaves you with no other choice but to dance your ass off to you drop to the floor. yes there are here the tom fun and we are very happy. and now not sure 2, 3 years or so later the come back at us, with a new album. one that i personally have been waiting for seems like an eternity because music to me is more then most people it eats at my brain like a parasite a good parasite taking over every square, circle inch of it. live eat sleep breath music and when a certain band comes along and also a certain song, i almost tear up out of pure happiness on a regular basis the goosebumbs the whole works ."FEEDING MY SOUL" is what its doing and i will be everlastingly happy for it..but back to the new album yes EARTHWORM HEART it is hear and my first chance i got to listen to it on i sat pressed play and 14 songs later i took a few extra minutes just to move to function because this was it, a truly amazing record one that most bands will never get after there first great album, but yes they did the sound were there the new faster melodies awsomely constructed in new manners then the have had before but still holding ever so tightly to the east. not as many violins/fiddles as before which were a huge favorite of mine, but somehow they created such a sound that the fiddles are not needed it works and it works well, good job guys and gals, standing ovation from us all out there, and a personal thanks for the amazing work on Sympathetic wolf which at the moment is being played about 5 times a days, the lyrics are wonderful as always, looking forward to the BC Shows i will attend as many as i physically can handle.

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