Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Possessions the things that hold us down, that keep us from making what we truly want to become or to accomplish, I cant piss on possessions to much myself because throughout the years I have  acquired lots of possessions, shitloads and I cant get enough but i'm starting to figure out inside my own mind that these horrible things are keeping me at the moment from just getting up and going, leaving to a better life somewhere, somewhere warm, where people are actually nice and friendly not always trying to get ahead by slitting your throat, where also the food is great and the Ganja is just plentiful and superb. I think to myself why cant I just leave and already be somewhere else but with all these possessions I have acquired I cannot up and leave which leaves me anchored down into this ocean of life.  After dreaded high school I immediately flew out to the retched land of Alberta to one of the worst places in Canada, Fort Mcmurray, where my plan was as most people my age coming from cape Breton was to head out to the oil sands and make it rich, make more money then most kids my age buy everything I wanted and by doing so would gain my happiness in life. Wow what a life I though as do most people. Now I sit here in fort crack acquiring more and more shit I don’t need realising more and more that happiness isn’t bought and paid for.. or leased/financed (as the case in northern Alberta).  So with a renewed outlook I strive forward to rid myself of all these material things, so much I have that in my apartment I can barely move. I sit here deceived, perpetuated, angry toward life as I dug myself a hole but in fact the opposite, I had a hole in my life and i filled it with things whatever I wanted whenever. I felt I had it all but what was all what was anything, something, all of it meant nothing. Money can by perceived happiness for a short period I will say, but in the end what the fuck is that worth to you?.. Money,  money,  money why why why have you deceived us into happiness so easily at every turn, why? Why cant we live without money all of us, we don’t need it, truly we can survive without the need of this eventually everyone gets bored of everything no matter what it is believe me, I had over 9 guitars because I could and also cause one gets boring after a while among countless other things that I purchased an used for a week or day maybe. O well in hell fuck it all , soon my items will be back in circulation amongst the wanters out there, the pigs the swine that go ridging and fiending for these objects, needing them at every turn. So come one come all to the collection of life earning/belongings at a cheap discount price that took a discount to my life, take em and run well run I guess not cause with all that shit you are not going anywhere, and if so not very fast; at least you'll have a smile on your face, but will I with cash in hand on my way to heading south to start a new life, possession free, worry free, debt free. Don’t buy yourself into a life you cannot buy out of because I can tell ya now.. that life sucks.

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