Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Music the everlasting joy, bringing people together from all walks of life the last true hope for humanity.

Music the everlasting joy, bringing people together from all walks of life the last true hope for humanity. nothing out there in this universe has the same affect on the human mind and soul as music, the great vibes and moods it puts you in when you first touch that needle down on the record it Sparks something inside of you, something other worldly a great force which takes all control of your senses leaving you in almost a dream world. yes music can accomplish all of this and more. how many times have you turned on a song and have became so affected by physically, emotionally enough to get goosebumps all throughout your skin and even tear up, enough to strike a chord in your main nervous system. that is music and yes sir and most of us know this but i have met a few people throughout my life that didn't really partake in music of any type and those people in my mind truly had some kinda of problem a deep lurking one if not completely noticeable but not crazy or abnormal just "different". I could not imagine a life without the wonderfulness of music and also the instruments that create such greatness, where would the world be in this point in time, i would think in a very bad spot. Music even has the power to revolutionise the people of the planet we've all seen it in the 60's a whole generation of music created for that era the problems they faced with the governments and wars. and what a new genre they created such experimentality and almost years above its time , one of the best i have to say i may not have been born right in it or even close but many years later i still watch the movies and listen to everything from this era its flows through my veins, a music i cannot let go of. Jimi hendrix, Joplin, Beatles, Stones, jefferson airplane, greatful dead, joe cocker, pink floyd, clapton, more and so much more. these are the people that cannot be copied the greats that will live in our hearts in souls for ever because of how this music was created it meant something truly, money wasn't involved there was a universal feeling that what you were doing in that part of time was a statement to the world something that is hard to find today you were truly involved in the planet and everyone in and "change". Now we move into the new age of music sure its good and it still affects the soul, but does it have true purpose behind it other then money? For sure there are many artists still out there that have no care for money and fame and play music for the greatness that it is, born, bred in them from birth there still is tons of meaning tons of purpose behind today's music but with the millions of artists that are contributing crap,garbage, shit all around them ,its hard to find there way into the mainstream and most dont even want to be there anyways these are the ones, the true hope .music a never ending relationship that will shape your whole life..ha ha music god damn its hear and always will be. where ever the sound of music goes in the future I'm sure it will be a major part again on shaping our economy our planet getting the word out there that this fucked up world doesn't run as great as they tell you and well maybe even so evilly, atrociously bad your better off being a def/mute but still to this day new old music has huge affect, and still creates these great extacys inside people that cannot be made any other way then maybe drugs..good ol drugs but a strait way and sober way.Get out there and create get out there and transform. one last kick at the can : "a life without music, is a life with void" space, a certain missing emptiness. and the impact it can have on your life is tremendous and something that can never be taken for granted.MUSIC OUR SAVIOUR

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