Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bittersweet day for Americans: Marijuana Legalized But Obama is still President

a bittersweet day for Americans, Obama has won again and Marijuana has become completely legal under state law in Colorado and Washington also a few other states like Massachusetts and Michigan approved legalising medical marijuana. Why i say "bittersweet" is because its almost like winning a million dollars but you have to jump off a fucking cliff to get it, is it really worth it, I'm not saying that we would of been better off witrh Romney certainly not but its not much of a difference from OBAMA i dont care what you know or think out there from conspiracies to fact. but Obama has gone back on almost every promise he has made in his first run to get elected, saying somethings then going completely 180 on it and changing his mind, o the horror the madness when Americans keep getting there hopes up and then shot down, literally sometimes (JFK). they think its the start of a new America they think change will come for the better, but where the hell is this change where are the improvements, huh where? i may not be an American but still as a Canadian we are affected by USA, and after seeing several posts on Facebook from friends and family i see there are a bunch of narrow minded mother fuckers who believe Obama is the greatest thing to happen in long time but these fucks don't research and go in to the depths of the lies that Obama has created the last 4 years, he is not the holy trinity sent here from some fucked up god in the sky, he is by my view a puppet a secretly put together human specially for the purposes of running the government and being the face of change so that people everywhere will get tricked into false hope, a black president we really have done it but what have we done it may only be good for the Racial movement the civil rights, but for us as regular citizens he is just another person thrown into power to push forth the new laws and regulations of the big guys at the top, I'm not trying to push conspiracies at ya, i have read alot about this and found some hard facts some true evidence that shows the same agenda as the past is still striving forward even through different political parties. the information is out there sure it isn't all real but most of it is the freedom of information act lets these papers come alive, most of the time. but back to the topic a bittersweet day for Americans, the long awaited decriminalising/legalising of marijuana has come, even after 4 years of many states making medical marijuana legal and helping millions of patients all over the country, some people that have relocated many miles to live in a pro-por zone, but with all the peoples votes and all these laws and bills that past in favour of weed, Federal law still prohibits the use and still sees marijuana as a schedule 1 substance one of the most deadliest drugs, and its still 100% illegal to them that's why they made a point the last 4 years of going into these states that have adopted this great policy to let medical marijuana be available to the sick and busting hundreds of Dispensaries and Co-op's all over America, rendering thousands of people without the proper medicine they need. And the funny fact is that there are thousands of fields of pot illegally growing throughout the states especially by the Mexican border and all over and the only marijuana that the federal government goes after is the semi-legal pot that is grow, regulated, inspected and given to sick patients for relive of hundreds of problems. how fucked up is that? why so many years later all the info and proven cancer fighting facts , the research about everything great  THC and CBD the active ingredients in pot contribute to modern problems. even when we find through research that THC and CBD are chemicals which are also created in our bodies as well,  we have receptors in our brain that only become affected by CBD's, thats got to tell ya something that this plant was meant to be consumed. there are key holes in our brain and marijuana is the only Key that fits thats unlocks the potentials of our brain that we just cannot hack ourselves..WOW..Whatever reasons be it pharmaceutical companies,the logging companies the federal government, the hidden powers whoever they sure are doing a good job at keeping it illegal, but with millions of people partaking in this great drug with no side effects and all the good that comes with it.  we cant help but make change to these laws, we are all gonna smoke, vaporise, eat and grow marijuana no matter what whether that means jail or not, we  are willing to give up our rights and freedoms just to smoke pot or grow it, thats got to tell ya something, we are willing to go to jail not willing per say but we made that choice that were gonna use marijuana whatever the consequences are. god dammit its hard to live in this world knowing so much, "Ignorance is bliss" ..."is knowledge power?"

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